The Hangar

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Welcome to the Hangar. You can see your planes here, change the type of ammo you’re carrying, and even change your loadout of rockets.

You can also head over to the Techlab to see the upgrades that Doctor Tesla and Doc Jeopardy are working on, or the Engineering Bay to speak with Dex and Marge about changing your guns or engine.

Tech Lab:


Ace of Swords
Joan of Arc
Lucky 13
Slade’s Plane
Treasure’s Bride


Armor Piercing: AP bullets deal +1 damage to armor but -1 damage to HP.

High Explosive: HE bullets deal +1 damage to HP but -1 damage to armor.

Slug: Normal damage.

Note: Only one type of ammo can be active at one time. Switching from one type of ammo to another will impose a -2 penalty to attack rolls for this turn.


Flak: 5 Damage; 1U: Flak rockets ignore distance penalty since their explosive radius is so large; can be fired up to 10 zones away.

High Explosive: 10 Damage; 2U. HE rockets have a delayed explosion. They explode a fraction of a second after impact giving them enough time to pierce through armor and deal direct HP damage.
Note: HE rockets do HP damage and ignore Armor Soak.

Smoke: 1U: Smoke rockets can be used in one of two ways.
1. Smoke Screen: Drops a cloud of smoke behind you, blinding pursuers.
2. Rocket: Explodes at destination dropping a large cloud of black smoke.
Note: Blind opponents attack at -2.

Fireball: 2U: Fireballs deal no damage. Instead they burn out all the oxygen in target area, temporarily shutting down any engine.
Note: Target loses all speed (it is considered to be 0) and gains a -2 penalty to defense and attack.

The Hangar

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