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Your plane has been reinforced with stronger thicker plates of protection increasing your craft’s ability to take punishment. Stronger metals of course mean heavier metals thus reducing the speed and perhaps even maneuverability of your craft.

Hardened: Armor +1, Speed -1; 1U. $500.
Reinforced: Armor +2, Speed -2; 2U. $1500.
Titanium Plating: Armor +3, Speed -2, Maneuverability -1; 2U. $3000

Reactive Upgrades:

Reactive armor upgrades, as the name suggests, react to the impact of weapons fire to reduce damage to the craft.

Ablative coating: is designed to chip away when impacted, redirecting the energy of incoming projectiles away from the body of the plane. Gain Damage Reduction 1. 3U. $1000
Reactive Armor: is a type of armor that reacts to the impact of a weapon by destroying itself to reduce the damage done to the vehicle being protected. Reactive armor needs to be repaired in between each use. Negate the first attack that hits the plane. 2U. $2000.

Maneuverability and Speed:

Advanced VTOL:

Doctor Tesla has been working on an engine that gives the craft the capability to lift off and land vertically. By installing smaller propellers on the wings and giving the wings some mobility, the craft can launch itself vertically and steady itself. Additionally the VTOL engine can be used mid-flight to give your craft extra-maneuverability by utilizing the thrust generated by the wing propellers. Unfortunately this has the side-effect of making your craft a little less durable, as punching a gaping hole in a plane is wont to do. At higher levels this can even affect your aim since the wings actually start to move with the recoil.

Small Twin-Propellers: Maneuverability + 1, Armor -1. 2U. $500.
Large Twin-Propellers: Maneuverability + 2, Armor -2. 3U. $1500.
Small Quad-Propellers: Maneuverability + 3, Armor -2, Attack -1. 3U. $3000.

Engine Modifications:

VTOL: Your aircraft can now take off and land on a dime. No taxiing time required. 1U. Free!
Speed Holes: A new theory developed by Tesla. Puncturing holes in specific areas of your plane, allowing “air-flow”, has the effect of increasing speed. It’s a scientifically proven fact… really… don’t you trust me? Speed +1. 1U. $200.


Mobile Gun Design:

The MGD is a new take on the turret system. An electronic system is installed into the plane allowing separate control of the guns. Each gun emplacement is then placed on a track that allows for some mobility. Larger tracks can be installed allowing for more mobility, but this is bulkier and will result in loss of speed and even maneuverability.

45° Arc: +1 Attack, -1 Speed. 2U. $500.
90° Arc: +2 Attack, -2 Speed. 3U. $1500.
120° Arc: +3 Attack, -2 Speed, -1 Maneuverability. 3U. $3000.

Armament Modifications:

Quick-Loader: Negate the penalty when switching between ammo types. 2U. $400.
Gun Emplacement: Add an additional gun emplacement to your craft. 2U. This upgrade can be purchased twice. $1500.
Hardpoints: Convert a gun emplacement into a missile hardpoint. 2U. $500.

Tech Lab

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