Black Swans

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S blackswan

Black Swans

Pirate gang

Leader: Black Swan

Headquarters: Mobile


Active in: Empire State

The Black Swans, a female only privateer band led by the infamous Black Swan, is easily one of the most successful and dangerous raider groups in the skies. The Swans formed in 1934, after the Black Swan left Red Sky’s pirate band (taking eight planes with her).

The Black Swans moved across the country, raiding in the ISA, People’s Collective, Dixie, Republic of Texas, preying on pirates and civilian targets alike, and recruiting the best female flyers. (Recruitment into the group is strictly on an invitation only basis.)

By 1936, the Swans ranks had swelled to three squadrons (of eight planes each). The first and second squadrons are fast-attack forces; the third squadron is commanded by the Black Swan herself.

One of the more remarkable aspects of the Black Swans is their relative lack of brutality. While they are dangerous and skilled combatants, the Swans inflict a surprisingly small amount of collateral damage. The group seldom expends ordnance wastefully, and excessive tactics (such as indiscriminate strafing of ground targets) are not tolerated by the Black Swan. While the Swans can be as ruthless as any other group, they do their best to direct their actions against legitimate military, commercial or piratical targets.

Black Swans

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